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Author: driding

WunPong Kevin Yeung

Joined In Aug 2020

About Me

Art plays a very important role in my life. I have a great interest in music, especially Baroque and Classical music. The first instrument I learned was Melodica, then I started to learn piano at the age of 7. Painting was not the first thing I started in visual art. I learned calligraphy (Copperplate) by myself in 2014. Before that I didn't do much painting or drawing. I am addicted to the baroque / renaissance paintings, and I wanted to add ornaments to my calligraphy work, I then decided to go and find some visual art training to improve my painting skills. I also studied a lot on acanthus design and the magic of golden section, which does help me understand the calligraphy foundation and also the bird flourishing foundation a lot. I also have a huge interest in Etegami, which is a kind of Japanese Picture letter, and Japanese POP Design. The illustrations on this website are all drawn on my own. Kevin's favourite genres of visual art are as follow: Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Ornament, Coat of arms, Graphite, Charcoal, Oil, Gouache, Calligraphy (Copperplate, English Roundhand), Bird Flourishing, Japanese Sumi-e, Etegami.




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