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Author: driding

Juanita Foucault

2099 Sacramento Dr Sacramento

Joined In Jul 2020

About Me

I am a self proclaimed recluse, opting to spend most of my time at home creating. This art journey began many years ago and I quit. Today, finding art again has brought joy to my life and days. Being disabled, it’s very difficult to transport my art to shows and networking events. This is why I have chosen online ways of promoting my work. My art is centred around nature usually and love creating pieces that have a magical flair to it. I want to draw you in. That snap shot of being in a forest and looking to the moon and stars. The time that bee landed on a flower and you caught your eye to it. That simple walk in the meadow. My current joys are using watercolour, ink, and gouache paint, along with some acrylics. I guess you can call me a mixed media artist. I use what draws me in, what brightens the canvas or paper and what sparkles in the sun.


2099 Sacramento Dr Sacramento



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