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Author: driding

Sandra Naufal

Joined In Jul 2020

About Me

Twenty years ago, I taught myself how to to paint. I used wood pieces and unfinished furniture to create keepsake items. At that time, I set up a booth at Crafter's Marketplace. The ladies who ran the venue asked if I would teach some art classes. A lovely group of upcoming artisans would meet in the back garden room, sip on tea, eat baked goods and learn various painting techniques. When the venue closed, I knew it was time to move away from contract teaching at schools to full-time teaching. With that, I spent less time painting. I would create the odd piece for gifts and dabble in digital art. Last year, I decided to pick up my brushes again and create canvas boards with various images of water scenes, landscapes, villages, florals, whimsical characters for children and recently the lifestyles collection. The last collection is a tribute to the people who are important in my life. You'll find themes such as guitar, fashion, ballet and baseball. Embedded in each image is the initial of the person it's created for. From all these images, I have created stationery such as notebooks, gift cards, bookmarks, as well as canvas transfers, canvas bags and am always thinking of other ways to showcase the art.


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