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Author: driding

Geneviève Folliet-Multone

1020 Fairlawn Ave

Joined In Jun 2020

About Me

Jewellery is a passion. The jewellery we create is handmade wearable art designed to emotionally engage you. We create a unique assortment of jewellery for you to showcase your creative personality, the unique You. We design, create, sell a variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings made of copper, brass, sterling silver, gold filled jewelry using various traditional silver smith, beading, etching and fusion glass techniques including gemstones, pearls and, natural leather. I love all kinds of styles. There is room for mixing styles, precious metal or mediums. Creating seasonal collections or unique designs often comes from the material I select, the mood of the day, events of the world and inspiration surrounding me. I enjoy making only one-off! Yes, one of a kind. You are so unique, so why not celebrate that? If you get that heart twinge or that takes-away-your-breath feeling, go for it. It will be an addition to your own collection. Be playful, pair them, and single them out to start a conversation at the office, at a party or simply among friends. Each of my pieces is designed to help you to express and identify yourself as a person of style, culture, and awareness.


1020 Fairlawn Ave



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